How To Find Out Exactly What To Sell On eBay For Insane Profits (Part 1)


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Hi Duane here…..

Today we’re going to start ripping the “Market Research Process” apart piece-by-piece so you’ll know how to go about finding out what to sell on ebay.

And the reason the we’re going to do this is because we’ve established from the last training post that you’ll never know how to make money on eBay unless you know what the market wants and or what they’re already actively buying by the droves. (Remember, the market ultimately decides YOUR financial outcome).

So the first step to finding out what the market wants so you’ll know what to sell on eBay starts with ”exploring the market”. This helps to stimulate your brain, helps you visualize what’s beyond your four walls and gets you thinking out-of-the-box. Its broken down into three simple-doable action steps.

  • Action Step #1:  Create Master DHIP List
  • Action Step #2:  Expand Master DHIP List
  • Action Step #3:  Prioritize Master DHIP List

Our focus today will be completing action step #1 which will be to create your ”Master DHIP List”.

Now before I go any further, I want to set the stage for how serious and powerful this action step really is because when I explain to you what a “DHIP” list is and how you go about getting it – you may think that finding out what to sell on eBay can’t possibly be this simple. But let me reassure you that is it. Here’s why….

Heather and I have researched, built and launched over 5 successful six-figure eBay businesses and have helped many others do the same. And all of this success came from our DHIP list.

As a matter of fact, I just got off the phone with one of my students today who sounded like a kid at a birthday party because they just found another market to make money on eBay that will allow them to create wealth in. And that market came from their DHIP list.

You see, a DHIP list is made up of your desires, hobbies, interets and passions in life and it’s an extremely powerful asset when you know how to use it.

Not only that but…..

The reason you start with your DHIP list is because the business that you build must create excitement or bring pleasure into your life. Otherwise it becomes dull, boring and unfulfilling. And when that happens it becomes a “have to” instead of a “want to” (almost like a job) and the end result is poverty at best.


You already have some level of expertise about them and that helps you to communicate with your market and establish yourself as the “expert” or “go to” person. And the reason that’s important is because people want to buy from people who they feel “know” & “understandtheir needs.

One final thing too….

It gives you confidence in what you’re doing and that plays an important role in everything you do.

When you start with your DHIP list, you’re more confident and that confidence spills over in your titles, subtitles, description, sales copy, customer service and everything else that you do which magically creates more success.

I want you to pull out pen and paper and create your own DHIP list. Lock yourself up in your closet if you have too (I did) so you can think and ask yourself question like….

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I think about all the time?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What do I enjoy talking about?
  • What do I know that’s fun?
  • What are my interests?
  • What are my hobbies that I enjoy?
  • What products/industries do I find interesting?

Keep asking yourself questions like these and write down your answers. And whatever you do, don’t be judgmental about what you’re writing down with thoughts like ….

  • “This won’t work” ….
  • “That’s a stupid idea” ….
  • “Who would buy that”….
  • “There’s no market for that one” ….
  • “Who would be interested in that” ….
  • “I see everybody else selling that” ….

Being judgmental is a costly NO-NO. And I’ll cover the $251,093.51 judgmental mistake that I made on the next post but for right now your only job is to close your eyes and think about each of those questions and write down your answers.

Okay – that’s it for this post.

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Chat Soon,

Blessings – Duane Hope

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